Love to be nudist

As a first-time visitor to a nude beach or nudist resort, you might ask “Should I be embarrassed about my body at a nude beach or nudist resort?” The basic answer is… No. Absolutely not. Real nudists are one of the few havens of body acceptance in modern western society. It is a basic nudist principle that you should not judge others based on their appearance, but if anything, should admire them for their courage to join you despite their possible insecurities and issues. For many, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to try a nudist location or event for the first time. You’ll see that many of your fears are needless, and that’s certainly the case with concerns about your appearance.

With nudists, you’ll see all shapes and sizes, all ages, men and women, and those with all manner of scars and abormalities. Some have even reported a sort of mild reverse discrimination at some nudist venues toward those who look too good… but that is rare, and not something to worry about if you happen to fall into that group. Appearance is just a non-issue at any real nudist place…so go, be free and be without worries. The size and shape of your breasts, penis, butt, belly or anything else just doesn’t come up. Nudists are a more sophisticated bunch than that!

Here, I’ll run down a list of common concerns:

  • Body weight/body shape:
    As stated above, you will see all shapes and sizes. You’ll certainly see a more realistic picture of body diversity than you’ll ever get from the mainstream media. So don’t be thinking “I’m too fat” – you can be anything from very “overweight” to very skinny and you’ll fit in fine regardless!
  • Scars/abnormalities/skin conditions:
    Nudists have just as many scars, abnormalities and skin conditions as everyone else. The difference being it’s not hidden, of course. Nobody is “perfect” and you’ll see everyone has some scars or something they could be self-conscious about, if they chose to be. The bottom line is…don’t worry – you’ll likely see several others much like you, all happily enjoying nudity as well!
  • Age:
    You’ll see all ages at a nude beach or nudist resort. And I mean all! In the U.S., most locations are demographically weighted toward older people, but that’s just because more young people haven’t mustered up the courage yet. Think about it – statistically, some of those fraidy-cat younger adults will eventually become declared nudists themselves, by the time they have gray hair. And if you are younger and concerned with the age distribution, remember, the only way to balance it out is to do your partattend and invite your friends!
  • Piercings/Jewelry/ornamentation:
    In general, any tattoos, piercings or jewelry are just fine, probably common and so likely won’t even raise an eyebrow. Years ago, when new kinds of piercings were not so widespread, some resorts banned genital piercings, but that’s less common today. The main concern seems to be with genital piercings, jewelry or ornamentation that flaunts or calls attention to the genitals. This is mainly an issue for men, since their genitals are more out in the open and obvious. Women might wear such jewelry without it being viewable, and therefore it wouldn’t be an issue. For men… a good guideline is…if you might imagine it appearing innapropriate, creepy or pervy to other nudists, don’t do it or at least ask management first! The bottom line is… even nudists have some taboos, so be considerate and take into account the likely feelings or taboos of those around you – some crowds are more liberal or conservative in this regard than others.
  • Gender:
    Some nudist locations have more males than females. As with the age issue above, the way this can change is by doing your part. If you are a female, attend anyway, bring one or several female friends with you if possible.
  • Race:
    This is not something to worry about in the least. Nudists love diversity and welcome all, regardless of race, ethnicity or cultural background. If anything you’ll probably experience even more social warmth as a racial minority.
  • Pubic Hair:
    In recent years, the shaving of all or part of one’s pubic hair has been fashionable. This is another non-issue. You will see those who are all natural (don’t shave or trim a thing), to those who shave all, and all variations in-between. Remember, nudists are a diversity-friendly bunch, and whatever style of pubic hair you have, it’s fine and not a concern. Likewise, distribution of other body hair, male or female, is a non-issue.
  • Genitals, breasts appearance:
    Here again, you’ll see how pop culture badly lies and misrepresents about the true diversity of genitals and breasts. Do not be concerned about the size, shape or general appearance of yours. For one thing, you’ll probably see others like you. In addition, your appearance, of any body part, just doesn’t matter. Nudist locations aren’t pagents – just a place for you to be free, comfortable, happy, healthy and social if you want!
  • Tattoos:
    Tattoos are essentially not an issue. And as common as they have become, they barely raise an eyebrow. The only problems I could imagine is if someone had a tattoo said something very offensive, like “I hate nudists”!

Other body-related concerns

  • Arousal/erections:
    Some are concerned they may become aroused at a nude beach or resort. While this is certainly possible, many don’t find a nudist environment particularly arousing once they get there, depending on the person and the environment. Even then, you’ll be surpised how much you can keep your thoughts and feelings under control if you really try. Women are luckier in this regard, because their signs of arousal are usually not as obvious as with men. Men should take care to hide an erection if it occurs, and psychologically suppress it as soon as possible. This is one of the few nudist taboos, the seriousness of which depending on the actual crowd or resort/club policies.
  • Menstruation:
    Even nudist women menstruate (surprise?) and however you handle it, you will have no reason for embarrassment. Some women wear a tampon, but snip off the string. Some leave the string. Some wear shorts those days, if the resort policies allow. The concern some resorts or groups have is that if they allow women to wear shorts at their discretion, some will wear shorts all the time, then some men will and before you know it everyone is going to a nudist resort to wear clothes – making those who are fully nude feel very awkard and like they’re in the wrong place! I know, sounds strange, but people do strange things without some guidelnes and rules. The bottom line here is, do what you need to do, possibly check resort policies or ask other women in the resort or group. Most places will be fine however you handle it, as long as it’s reasonable.
  • Body position:
    Mosts nudists aren’t offended by any particular position or view of the body. I mean, nudists are prepared to see the full reality of the human body and therefore it doesn’t make sense for them to be offended or bothered by someone bent over or legs spread apart. Some older nudists, from a previous generation, often 60 or older, may be offended by “un-lady-like” positions, but they are in the opinion minority, so be comfortable and have no worries in your nude relaxation and recreation!

More common nudist concerns

  • Mainstream reputation:
    Will the word get out, to friends, family, co-workers and your community, that you are a nudist or frequent nude beaches? This is a legitimate concern for many, but in practice, nudists rarely “tattletale” on who they saw at a resort, beach or club. They wouldn’t want you to tell on them either. Unless you tell your aquaintences, they usually don’t find out, unless you give give big clues. Even then, most people don’t have the nerve to ask or bring it up. If they do, you could always tell a white lie or downplay your nudist experience if you need. Some people don’t feel the need to hide it and freely tell anyone they know that they’re a nudist. Whichever type you are, it’s fine, but respect the privacy of other nudists.
  • Photographs:
    Will someone take my picture at a nude beach? It’s unlikely. It’s highly taboo to photograph nudists without their permission, and this is one reason a nudist resort is a safer place than a public nude beach. If you’re at a public nude beach and you’re very concerned about being photographed nude, put on some sunglasses or maybe wear your hair different. That’s probably enough to at least make you unidentifiable in the unlikely event someone were to take your picture and put in on the web.
  • Gawking:
    Will you be gawked at, firted with or otherwise harassed at a nudist place? Probably not, but again, nudist resorts are much, much better, for this concern, than public nude beaches. Most public nude beaches have no effective way to keep out badly-behaving individuals. If you do go to a public nude beach, it really helps to go with a friend (or many), especially if one of those friends looks like he/she can kick some gawker ass!

You’ll see that, though many people have fears about trying nudism for the first time, most of the fears are unfounded, and the rest usually worth the benefits. So get out and there and feel the freedom today!


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